IMPORTANT ADVICE for new moms courtesy of Aoife Burke who may have changed my life! I know it’s dramatic but some will understand the torment – so Aoife was asking how I was getting on and I replied grand apart from the stress of bedtime with an 2 month old and 3 year old … jealousy from the latter and guilt from me at having to choose the baba over her (My other half just doesn’t have the boobs to settle her) – see it’s this witching hour that people speak about, crazy crying from 8-9:30 in our case every night- so her advice was – maybe she is overtired (I dismissed this at first because I pride myself in spotting it a mile away … that’s the 2nd yawn for those Baby Whisperer followers) .. but I listened – she said put her down earlier; cluster feed for around an hour and she should be asleep by 7.30pm – so I tried it, added a bath at 6:30pm, massage, boob and another and another, she was asleep at 7.31pm. She has not woken up yet!! I got to put my darling eldest to bed with lots of calm cuddles and she is asleep since 9pm. I will be trying this every night for my sanity THANK YOU AOIFE X