Leonie has worked in the health/wellness sector for ten years. She is passionate about movement, health, nutrition, self care with a personal interest in postnatal recovery.

In 2017 after the birth of her second baby Leonie featured heavily in the media promoting a better attitude to postnatal recovery, encouraging women to build their strength slowly over time. In 2018 Leonie spoke at Wellfest in the Wellmum tent giving advice on postnatal exercise and the best way to approach it. She will feature again at the festival in 2019.

On International National Women’s Day this year Leonie announced her latest project – Ireland’s First Women’s Health and Wellness Summit being held on the 20th August 2020 in the University of Limerick. She will run the event with event production expert Sharon Mc Meel and Professor Lisa O’Malley. Leonie is adamant this is not seen as a wellness or fitness event as there are a few amazing ones already (Wellfest, Body & Kind, Thrive Festival). The purpose of this summit is to bring together knowledge and debate from both medical research, thought leaders and women’s health practitioners to formulate practical outcomes that can be passed on to people who serve women. The aim is to push women’s health forward.