Pilates lengthens muscles and, in turn, increases the flexibility you need to participate in many activities. Short, bulky muscles are the types that are most prone to injury. By doing the natural, full body movements of Pilates, you will gain lean, long muscle mass that helps with strength and speed as well as healthy long term fat loss. You’ll also increase in tendon, bone and ligament strength which is vital for all athletes.

Pilates exercises strengthen your core. From your shoulders to knees, this whole “powerhouse” is essential for balance and stability and preventing falls and injuries. In fact, a strong and flexible core underpins almost everything that you do from scooping up a package to maintaining good posture sitting in the car. The core work in Pilates lessens the wear and tear on the spine through the use of your deep abdominals. Joseph Pilates has said that we are as old as our spines, so by developing a strong core you’ll be sure to enjoy your athletic lifestyle for years to come.

Pilates improves sports performance. You’ll find the exercises condition the whole body—even the ankles and feet, which contribute to healthy, balanced muscles. Doing the same workout every day will cause weak muscles to become weaker, and strong muscles to become stronger. Avoid this muscle imbalance and take care of your body as a whole!